Caitlin Kudlata, D.D.S.

Dr. Caitlin Kudlata graduated from Marquette University School of Dentistry in 2012. She lives in Madison with her husband, Karam and son, Bowie. She is a total foodie; she loves to cook, try new restaurants and attend food festivals. She enjoys staying active by running, biking, and attending various fitness classes. A Wisconsin native and University of Wisconsin graduate, she is always rooting for the Packers and Badgers.

Dr. Caitlin’s message to you:

I decided to become a dentist after I experienced dental trauma as a teenager from a rollerblading accident. Losing my front tooth helped me better understand the angst one may feel when in pain and trying to receive care. With that in mind, I strive to make my patients feel as comfortable as possible in the dental office and to show the same kind of empathy that I received.

My goal is to provide quality treatment as well as share ways to best care for your teeth. My intention is to work with you, addressing your individual needs and concerns when creating a treatment plan. It is very important to me that you feel confident and are happy with your smile.

Providing a high standard of care is an essential principal to me. As a health professional, it is my responsibility to further my training and keep up with the latest techniques and practices to provide my patients with the best treatment possible.

My favorite part of being a dentist is the relationships I build with my patients. I want to get to know you and to make your visit to the dentist a pleasant experience.

My hope is to be your dentist for many years as well as your family’s dentist.